Some trickery involved in getting USB Host working on FR?

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Mon Mar 8 09:11:12 CET 2010


Does anyone have any advice for me on how to get the Freerunner to  
work as a USB Host device?  I'd like to use it as the main PC  
surrounded by USB devices (USBMIDI cable, Powermate) .. is there some  
special cable I need, or is this now all easily handled at the distro  
level somehow, and if so: which distro has the easiest-to-use USB Host  

Sorry for these dumb questions, btw .. I'm just trying to get my  
Freerunner into some useful context in my life, and if I could get it  
set up with USB Host capabilities that'd be pretty good right now ..

Jay Vaughan

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