QtMoko v18 - based on 2.6.32

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 8 17:16:58 CET 2010

On Sunday 07 March 2010 22:38:12 Thomas Otterbein wrote:

> Hi Radek,
> is it possible to modify the xorg.conf file? At my company we run our
> system on All-in-One Desktop Machines equipped with Touchscreen. To turn
> of the mouse enter "void" as the mouse driver instead of "mouse" or
> "auto". Even if the corresponding module "xserver-xorg-input-void" (i.e.
> void_drv.so) is not present this will lead to X ignoring the mouse events.

Hi Thomas,
sure, i can modify xorg.conf. My configuration can be found in this document:


But i dont understand where to put the "void".

> BTW. /dev/input/mice is a placeholder to make X read all kinds of mice at
> once. It is supposed to simplify the configuration as you could replace
> your PS/2 mouse with a USB one, a touchpad or even a good old serial
> mouse. But if you know the concrete input of the Touchscreen (cat
> /proc/bus/input/devices) you can enter this one into the xorg.conf.

Maybe i dont understand it correctly, but i thought that touchscreen is 
different from mouse and should not appear in /dev/input/mice because it 
generates absolute screen coordinates while mouse generates relative 
coordinates. But that is just my impression, i havent read any docs about it 
yet :)



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