Rolling dices on OpenMoko

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at
Mon Mar 8 19:13:37 CET 2010

Hi folks,

I would like to develop a free software to roll dices (for role playing 
games). My inspiration comes from :
which seems to be a very great soft ! Lot of nice ideas, but only for 
iPhone :(

I don't think I could make something better than this soft, which is the 
result of lots of nice ideas (if you compare v1 and v2 you can see the 
evolution), but -- being a coder and a role playing gamer -- here are my 
goals :
- using MachDice ideas (entering formulas, having a formula history, 
having workspaces, can block dices...), because these are great ideas 
and I don't think it worth trying to find a better conception. MachDice 
author you're a clever guy, kudos!
- a good looking soft, but with low graphics to fit openmoko abilities
- a portable software, because openmoko and non-openmoko users could be 
interested (except iPhone users who already have this soft).
- having fun coding it (I don't think I will use it, I love rolling real 
dices :P)

About coding :
- for 3D : OpenGl or ???
- for non-3D : Qt4 or EFL.

I am not sure about using OpenGl or not... I know the tech, and OpenGl 
would be great when soft runs on PC, but what about openmoko ? AFAIK, 
because of a lack of OpenGl ES support, any OpenGl app would run on 
mesa/software-acceleration-by-cpu. Without OpenGl I don't know how I can 
do 3d, any idea ?

For Qt4 vs EFL :
- qt4 is ok for ~all linux distribs, windows, and QtMoko (I think). What 
about SHR ?
- elf is ok for ~all linux distribs (I think), SHR, and some packages 
exists for windows 
( so 
portability is ok (linux = main target for me)

Thanks in advance for any advice (^^)
Xavier Cremaschi.

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