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Tue Mar 9 20:56:49 CET 2010

On Sun, Mar 07, 2010 at 01:28:02PM +0100, Petr Vanek wrote:
> >We started working on it on last September, with the support of the 
> >Italian Telefoninux.org community, and after 6 months (thursday was
> >our half-birthday :P) we want to share the effort of the 6 core
> >members of the team with you.
> thank you for the announcement. just tested the new image, feels better
> then the previous one, faster.
> It takes incredible 34 seconds from first PWR press till the home screen
> appears with the GSM already registered! I made a test phone call  with

Can someone make bootchart from it?

My image seems to have enlightenment running in about 40 sec, Killing
xinit/Xserver script and starting Xorg with right params directly would
seve maybe another 5sec.


But I'm still interested if that NDE is so quicker or if I'm wasting so
much time somewhere else.



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