[SHR-t] Some glitches

Olivier Migeot larrycow at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 09:29:27 CET 2010

I just tried the latest SHR-t version (from early-march). Works like a
charm, but there are a few glitches/questions that might be worth
mentionning :

 * with previous versions, I used to disable the "lock screen" by
setting the "lock timeout" to more than the "suspend" one (like 55
seconds for lock when there's only 30 for suspend). That kind of thing
might be a bad idea in the first place, but what would be the best way
to disable it?
 * GPRS works ... to a point. I can connect through the
Settings>Connectivity panel, and it works like a charm. But once
disconnected, I can't connect back unless I reboot. When I return to
Settings>Connectivity, the GPRS Connection status is "UNKNOWN" and the
"Connect/Disconnect" button shows the same "UNKNOWN" string.
 * I read somewhere that it's not a bug, but is there a way to
re-enable the "power-button to suspend-menu" behaviour? Because on my
phone, the power button is now only used to un-suspend, and that looks
suboptimal to me.

Just for the records, my phone is a buzz-fixed Freerunner, and the
whole SHR-t 'lite' was installed on the SD card.

Are there other known problems on that version?


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