Comparing A5 and A7 sound settings

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Sat Mar 13 18:48:43 CET 2010


I just bought myself A7+ FreeRunner since my A5 started to have its
USB port breaking, buzz fix faltering, display problematic, plastic
case pins broken etc. (1,5+ years of very heavy use:)). I just noticed
that A7 requires much lower microphone settings than A5, something
known but often forgot.

I settled on the ones below for the A7. Having the Mono higher, I
heard buzzing but with these settings it's gone and I can hear my
voice in the other phone clearly/loudly still. I'm using one spare LG
phone I have for the other end.

Mic Sidetone Mux: 'Mic 2' = the correct setting, please try to not
spread misinformation that it'd be wrong simply because it happens to
also increase the volume and therefore buzzing as well if other
settings are high
Mic 2: '3' (= 0dB)
Mono Sidetone: '5' (= 0dB,)
Mono Playback '100 (= -21dB) (for buzz-fixed A5 I had this around 115)

Just my two cents. I think at this point distributions' defaults
should be towards A7 users, since all new users are anyway A7 users
and A5/A6 owners by now are surely aware of the ALSA setting


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