Comparing A5 and A7 sound settings

Ben Wilson ben at
Sun Mar 14 23:42:41 CET 2010

>>> Just my two cents. I think at this point distributions' defaults
>>> should be towards A7 users, since all new users are anyway A7 users
>>> and A5/A6 owners by now are surely aware of the ALSA setting
>>> problematics.
>> Hi,
>> If it really depends on the Ax model I think they should be somehow
>> distinguished by /proc/cpuinfo so if different ALSA settings are needed,
>> they should be selected automatically based on that.
> It would be a big help. Totally agree.
It's a good idea, but how would it get the info about which Ax version 
the user has.
Even if the A(x) manufactured version is detecable in software I doubt a 
home modified A(x) to A(x+1) is.
It would really need to be user specified.

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