[QTMOKO] - list of questions from a new user..

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 15 10:38:07 CET 2010

On Monday 15 March 2010 09:48:48 Risto H. Kurppa wrote:

> How to export the SMS's qtmoko moved from SMS to a sane format.. say
> txt file or whatever..

You can check this directory:


I think it's quite standard mail format.

> Is there a plan to make qtmoko NOT touch the SMS's on the SIM..? Big
> fail to remove all SMS's from SIM without warning the user..

In Qt Extended 4.4.3 it was keeping them on SIM. But it was causing bug where 
all SMS were getting doubled and after every new SMS.

So now SMS are always deleted from SIM to workaround this bug. You can find the 
commit in qtmoko git:


It would be nice to have it fixed in proper way :)

> Is qtmoko using the latest alsastate files - What I heard was very
> silent and the other end didn't hear a thing..

I think we need two sets for alsa state files - for buzz fixed and non buzz fixed 
freerunners. Mine freerunner does not have buzz fix, so i am shipping only non 
buzz fixed state files in my releases.

Or we can implement some volume control during call - i think the api is there 
and it should be quite easy.

Or application in feeds that replaces state files or it can be another step in 
the startup screen where you can selected that you have buzz fixed freerunner.

> Who's developing qtmoko?

It depends with every release. I am always trying to credit everyone who 
helped in the release mail in this community ML.

> Are the FSO-based and debian based developed at the same time?

In short: I am focusing just on debian. I dont have time to do images for two 

There are basically 2 things we are now developing. Qtopia which is more or 
less just big application. It should run on any rootfs. I am trying to avoid 
debian specific stuff. I have reports that some users run Qtopia on Arch so it 
will probably run on FSO too. It would be interesting to run Qtopia on Openwrt 
with uclibc - could be faster then debian.

Second thing is the txt document HOWTO for creating debian rootfs. 


It should give you idea which external packages and programs are needed for 
running QtMoko on any particular rootfs.

> How do v18 and v19 compare? Why v18 is 'preferred download' at
> sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/)?

Because i uploaded them in reverse order and i dont know how to tell 
sourceforge to prefer v19 ;-) 

v19 is the most "stable", v18 has some problems related to new 2.6.32 kernel, 
but still is quite usable.

> Why is the access to qtmoko bugtracker at
> http://bugs.qtmoko.org/login_page.php for registered users only?

We had a lot of spam there. I havent configured the bug tracker, but i can 
check if i can change it.

> I apt-get upgrade, do I get to v19 from v18?

No, apt-get upgrade now just upgrades the rootfs. Upgrading kernel+qtopia had 
to be done manually.

> Is the kernel provided at sourceforge
> (http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/) with or without DEBUG
> ie. is it the 'new, fast' or 'older, not so fast'?

The uImage-v18.bin is fast 2.6.32 nodebug kernel.

If you use qtmoko v19 then you have to decide between kernels (slow and 
reliable or fast with some problems debug/nodebug).

> Where is the qtmoko community? Openmoko-community mailing list? This
> channel? Other places? Blogs, forums?

This mailing list and IRC are probably the best choices.

> Thanks for the answers! I hope someone to be able to encourage me of
> the future of qtmoko..

My guess is that there wont be any revolution. I would like to keep up with 
latest development so that we have latest kernel and QT. I would like to port 
some more applications and improve the phone a bit (there are still many 
places in which it could be better).



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