[[SHR all] Read this if Call screen and messages dont work - a.k.a.- "fixing dissappearing call window, segfaults and name-to-number resolution"

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 00:36:33 CET 2010

this is maybe a duplicate and most users prolly know it and the issue 
should be fixed in newer images, but still this gives you a *working 
phone* back if you have problems:

the root of all evil are missing typed fields.

if you converted your old opimd database using the convert script, you 
prolly dont have to do this. (if te convert script complains about 
existing db and aborts, simply delete
if you imported you contacts using pisi, you might have to do this (is 
wrong psis default config still an issue?)

if you didnt import anything you prolly have to do this.

you can list your current fields using

mdbus2 -s org.freesmartphone.opimd \
/org/freesmartphone/PIM/Contacts \

Here's an example output from my PIM databse: 

( { "Surname":"name", "Name":"name", "Affiliation":"text", 
"Photo":"photo", "Work phone":"phonenumber", "Mobile 
phone":"phonenumber", "Note":"text", "Phone":"phonenumber", 
"Birthday":"date", "E-mail":"email", "Address":"address", 
"Nickname":"name", "Home phone":"phonenumber" } )

this is the bare minimum to get everythign working again:

mdbus2 -s org.freesmartphone.opimd /org/freesmartphone/PIM/Contacts \ 
org.freesmartphone.PIM.Fields.AddField 'Name' 'name'
mdbus2 -s org.freesmartphone.opimd /org/freesmartphone/PIM/Contacts \ 
org.freesmartphone.PIM.Fields.AddField 'Phone' 'phonenumber'

is works the same way for all other fields you may have and also for 
adding extra fields (as shown in the example output above)

i can confrim thsi myself as all teh problems were gone as soon as i did 

i hope this is not considered spamming, but some people are still 
complainig about problems mentioned in the subject

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