Serious problems after failed upgrade

vancel35 vancel at
Wed Mar 17 02:19:36 CET 2010

I tried to upgrade last night (Mar 15th), and it didn't complete, but the
display got messed up enough that I couldn't continue the process.  I
thought the upgrade was complete since the command prompt was back, so I

After the reboot, I have a few problems, and I'm not sure how to fix it.

1) the boot menu doesn't come up (aux-power)
2) when booted normally, it doesn't recognize the USB connected, and the
battery doesn't charge.
3) I can't start any programs except the terminal. (this means I can't dim
the backlight to make the battery last longer and gain more time to solve
this problem)

I have an A6 FreeRunner, and since the "brick" problems were fixed by the
boot menu, I didn't buy the debug board.

Is there any way to recover my phone?  If I need to buy a debug board,
hopefully I'll be able to find one.  If there's something I can do to get it
to even get to the boot menu, I'd be happy.

In hindsight I should have left it turned on, connected via SSH and finished
the upgrade without a reboot, but unfortunately I didn't. :(  I've never
lost the boot menu.

I'm on SHR-unstable, and my bootloader is Qi.

I appreciate any help offered.

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