Serious problems after failed upgrade

vancel35 vancel at
Wed Mar 17 03:06:15 CET 2010

jeremy jozwik wrote:
> had that problem a few moths ago on shr. i was able to ssh into the
> phone and re-start the upgrade but the phone never really became
> operational.
> ended up copying whatever files i needed to my desktop, and did a reflash.
> lesson of the ordeal...   dont bother with opkg upgrade.
The only problem is that I can't even get into the phone.  The boot menu
doesn't come up, and it doesn't recognize the USB connection.

Worst case is I'll get into the phone, copy everything that I want to the
microSD in the terminal, and just be done with it.

The reason I tried for the upgrade was that on top of being my daily phone,
I've recently been using it as a mobile data connection for my netbook, but
after what seems like a specific amount of data is transferred, the GPRS
connection and mdbus locks (have to reboot the phone to recover).  I hoped
that there was an upgraded driver, because I remember someone talking about
dropped connections after data transfer.

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