Comparing A5 and A7 sound settings

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Wed Mar 17 17:17:42 CET 2010

Em 16-03-2010 06:23, Timo Jyrinki escreveu:
> 2010/3/16 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at>:
> '> You may call my tests misinformation, but I'll calmly go on with usable
>> sound settings with which I can be heard even from a noisy restaurant by
>> *NOT*USING* the "Correct" setting.
> I am not claiming the "wrong" settings would not help. The main thing
> is that it should be possible to achieve the same situation with other
> settings, while keeping the audio path more sane. If it works for you,
> fine, but it's not exactly how the audio path should be configured in
> general. I did use "wrong" settings myself to a satisfaction for a
> long time, but they shouldn't be used in general.
> If you see
> - for example the same effect as raising control.12 from 5 to 7 like
> some people do when they feel they have too little microphone volume
> can be had by increasing control.5 by 6 values, but without having
> additional stage of amplifying (keeping control.12 at 5 means 0dB).
> The exact effect of setting Mic Sidetone Mux (control.63) to "Right
> PGA" instead of "Mic 2" is not known, but it uses a wrong audio path
> and a similar way of lessening noise and mic volume should be done by
> using control.5 (mono playback) instead.

And it's all fine and dandy if it wasn't so damn easy to casually change
the mic volume into some unusable mode. One setting works a lot better
(at least for me) and I only need to check it after upgrades!


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