Serious problems after failed upgrade

vancel35 vancel at
Thu Mar 18 08:21:41 CET 2010

W.Kenworthy wrote:
> Why dont you reflash? (you do know that the FR has two boot options for
> flashing - one being read only so it cant be easily trashed? - see the
> wiki)
> Your description implies that the upgrade left you with a missmatched
> kernel and modules, or no modules - can you flash your original kernel
> back (you do keep backups/versions? :)
> Put a distro on an SD card, boot and install the matching modules
> package.
> Just depends how much you lose with whats on the phone - easier just to
> reflash and start again if nothing valuable.
> BillK
How do I reflash when I can't get to the boot menu?  The boot menu I'm
talking about is the one when you hold the aux button and press the power
button.  If that's the NOR boot menu, then I can't get to the NOR boot menu.

I'll try what Brian suggested in his email and leave it with no power
(battery or charger) for a while... I'll do overnight, because I can't
remember if I left the battery out for any length of time after this has

I'll let everyone know if this works.

Thanks!  :)

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