AW: Thinking about a german data offer (GPRS) from Klarmobil

Jörg König noisybit at
Thu Mar 18 09:46:15 CET 2010

I'm going to do the same, taking the data Klarmobil offer. It's not the cheapest solution but 49ct/MB is alright in my case.
However, at least I could make it run with FreeRunner.

I also have a SIM card form Alice, but FreeRunner with QtMoko cannot use it. And unfortunately I have no clue whether it's a configuration issue or whether the SIM would work only in the GPRS/UMTS stick that came aside the SIM.

I'll see ... however QtMoko is a good choice! Awesome fast!



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Betreff: Thinking about a german data offer (GPRS) from Klarmobil


I am still do not use my phone as a phone. Maybe some of the current  
distributions can be used.

But what I am currently thinking of is a simple GPRS data offer to  
enable GPRS internet as either flat or
volume based.

Who knows about usable and cheap providers in germany to get at least  
a GPRS volume contract?

Which sim cards will work in the FreeRunner?

My current choice is a 0,19 Euro Cent per MB as I do not use the  
mobile data service much I think.



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