Now someone REALLY has to help me!!

Märta hagwall_jr at
Thu Mar 18 13:50:22 CET 2010

Ok now I'm back. The tips you gave me were very helpful so now I'm a proud
SHR Stable-user (what's different with the unstable version anyway?).
However there are a few things I need to get fixed before I can use my
Freerunner as standard phone, mainly five things. It would be very nice if
you could try to give me as easy answers as possible, since my understanding
of programming is very limited.

1) Every time I start a call, the Dialogue screen disappears. I don’t know
why its this way, is there a way to solve this? As I’ve understand you can
modify the Frerunners code by writing scripts into the phones terminal. Is
that correct, you don’t need a linux computer to be able to do these tweaks
(for example setting the time)?

2) I can only start my FR using the AUX start and selecting boot. When I
simply power it on I get a error screen saying:

[ 0.000000] Unknown boot option `g_ether.host_addr=00:1F:11.01:0D:8F´:

[ 0.000000] Unknown boot option `g_ether.dev_addr=00:1F:11.01:0D:8F´:

[ 0.000000] Unknown boot option `g_ether.host_addr=00:1F:11.01:0D:8F´:

[ 0.000000] Unknown boot option `g_ether.dev_addr=00:1F:11.01:0D:8F´:
And sometimes it get stuck with the text:
JFFS2 warning: (50) jffs2_do_read_inode_internal: Truncating i no #4650 to
137136 bytes failed because it only had 69632 bytes to start with! 

This is not so important to me since I CAN start using the AUX startup, but
it would be interesting to know the reason for this.

3) I have no idea of how I should get access to my uSD card. I’ve put a
WAV-file onto it and a JPG picture, I would like these as Ringtone and
background picture. How am I supposed to do that? It seems I can’t browse
the card but only the Flash memory where I can’t put files. When I for
example open InTone and browse for directory, it seems it only shows Flash
memory directories.

4) How do I install a new keyboard to the Freerunner? Im interested in the
Literki keyboard since it’s made for fingers: . If you have other recommendations im
grateful, I’ve read somewhere about a keyboard that saves your used words
for faster use (This would be helpful for me since I’ll type everything in

5) Is there a way to change the standard SHR screen showing when the FR is
locked? It looks ugly and the unlock slide lags. Maybe If I only could
change the background picture?

Once again, I’m very grateful for all help.

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