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Sat Mar 20 13:11:31 CET 2010

* Risto H. Kurppa wrote, Il 19/03/2010 22:13:
> Hi there!
> qtmoko v19, debug -kernel, qi, freerunner
> Most of the things were fine until noon today, when something
> happened. No, I didn't install anything, didn't upgrade, update,
> change any config, nothing. Something just happened.
> qtmoko starts normally
> When I touch the touch screen, the screen light comes on, but no menu
> or icon reacts.
> AUX & POWER work as expected.
> hexdump -C /dev/input/event1 showed that touch is recognized, so it
> shouldn't be hardware. Being able to run Debian normally confirms
> this.
> Have been rebooting wishing this'd disappear, but no.
> Ran apt-get dist-upgrade and dpkg-reconfigure -a with no success.
> Someone suggested that I should recalibrate the screen - how do I
> start the calibration software from command line?
> Someone suggested I should try xev. How do I start X from command line?
> Someone, please help... :/
Exactly same problem here, with a little variation: i can restart Qt
with the menu (all it's freeze but the touch works for the upperbutton).
Sometimes the UI works, but it disconnet totally from GSM, and i need to
restart QT. After 2 or 3 soft restart, it works. It's not a good
workaround but for me it's the only method to use my FR with QTmoko (v19
nodebug) as my everyday phone (with some trouble).


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