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On 03/21/2010 03:00:52 AM, William Kenworthy wrote:

> Just a point ... why modules?

Because the manual suggested to load the modules in the same section
as the image of the kernel and of the image of the root file system.

> you only need the module step if you are changing from the
> matching kernel so need to change them.

I'll add an explaining comment to the wiki manual.

> Sorry cant help with wifi - I find that mokoconnect and similar gui's
> are too flaky - manual is more reliable.

Ok, why not.
I am only half fluent with the necessesary commands. On my
laptop I used to call  wpa_supplicant with some fancy config file.
The wlan device to talk to seems to be eth0, right?

Most of the time when I check with ifconfig, there is no decice eth0.
Presumably this is, because the wlan chip is xswitched off.
How do I manually switch the wlan chip on and off?
How do I make sure, die wlan device is not shut off again by some
power saving application?

I just found the wiki page on wlan connectivity:
However, the commands there assume a working eth0 device.
So I have to deal with that first.


PS: The search utility in the wiki seems to be broken. The term
"Wifi" could not be not be found, even though there is a page
called like that.

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