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Kai-Martin kmk at
Wed Mar 24 04:19:10 CET 2010

My freerunner seems to have an issue with my sim card after boot. More 
often than not the phone seems to be ignorant to the sim card. Consequently, 
it doesn't attach to the GSM net, SMS messages on the card are not readable 
and it can't receive calls. But sometimes, the card is detected fine about 
three minutes after boot. If so, it the sim card stays known to the system 
after wake-up from suspend. 

I looked very closely on the way I attach the card into is socket. But this 
seems ok with no margin of error. I also made sure, the pins are clean and 
shiny. So electrical contact should not be flaky. 

Is the freerunner particularly fussy on the type of sim card? I read about 
problems with 3G cards. But mine is a pretty old O2 card -- bought in 2005. 

There is a suspicion, though. If I remember correctly, all the successful 
boots were done with a cable attached -- either USB from my desktop, or the 
connection to the charger. Could this be a hint? Maybe the system power is 
raised above some critical value to make the communication work? Is this a 
known issue? 

BTW, if there is no sim card detected, the application Settings->Phone hangs 
indefinitely on start-up. I'd consider this a bug where would I report on it? 

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