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Chuck Norris norris.chuck at
Wed Mar 24 04:51:27 CET 2010

Kai-Martin пишет:
> My freerunner seems to have an issue with my sim card after boot. More 
> often than not the phone seems to be ignorant to the sim card. Consequently, 
> it doesn't attach to the GSM net, SMS messages on the card are not readable 
> and it can't receive calls. But sometimes, the card is detected fine about 
> three minutes after boot. If so, it the sim card stays known to the system 
> after wake-up from suspend. 
> I looked very closely on the way I attach the card into is socket. But this 
> seems ok with no margin of error. I also made sure, the pins are clean and 
> shiny. So electrical contact should not be flaky. 
> Is the freerunner particularly fussy on the type of sim card? I read about 
> problems with 3G cards. But mine is a pretty old O2 card -- bought in 2005. 
> There is a suspicion, though. If I remember correctly, all the successful 
> boots were done with a cable attached -- either USB from my desktop, or the 
> connection to the charger. Could this be a hint? Maybe the system power is 
> raised above some critical value to make the communication work? Is this a 
> known issue? 
> BTW, if there is no sim card detected, the application Settings->Phone hangs 
> indefinitely on start-up. I'd consider this a bug where would I report on it? 
> ---<)kaimartin(>---
I have pretty same issue. And with switching to shr-u from shr-t issue
becomes stronger. But hackable:1 installed on sd turns on GSM very
quickly. So, to get GSM working under shr I do

/etc/init.d/frameworkd restart

and if it doesn't help I try

boot hackable -> wait GSM -> boot shr

often it helps.

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