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Wed Mar 24 07:44:44 CET 2010

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 4:19 AM, Kai-Martin <kmk at> wrote:
> My freerunner seems to have an issue with my sim card after boot. More
> often than not the phone seems to be ignorant to the sim card. Consequently,
> it doesn't attach to the GSM net, SMS messages on the card are not readable
> and it can't receive calls. But sometimes, the card is detected fine about
> three minutes after boot. If so, it the sim card stays known to the system
> after wake-up from suspend.
> There is a suspicion, though. If I remember correctly, all the successful
> boots were done with a cable attached -- either USB from my desktop, or the
> connection to the charger. Could this be a hint? Maybe the system power is
> raised above some critical value to make the communication work? Is this a
> known issue?

What I've been doing lately is:
- Reboot my phone (whenever I need to)
- Keep it from suspending by touching the screen once in a while
- Wait for the SIM-PIN dialog to appear
- Enter my PIN

After that, the GSM is registered, and functions without any hardware problems.


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