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Wed Mar 24 09:45:49 CET 2010

Thank you Radek! That's very helpful!


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On Sunday 21 March 2010 14:33:25 Tha_Man wrote:

> Great work! Since I'm quite new to QtMoko I was hoping to find some other
> answers as well, like where to put pictures and music files to make the
> builtin apps see them automatically. I guess that's more QtE related, but
> is there anywhere I can find that kind of information or am I overlooking
> something?

I have just added it to FAQ:

It now reads:

Easiest way is to use bluetooth to send files to your phone. But you can also 
transfer files manually. QtMoko searches documents in following dirs:


MP3 files should go to x-wav folder. If you don't have SD card you can use 
folders in /home/root instead of /media/sdcard



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