[Android] linphone SIP client released for Android

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 24 14:30:12 CET 2010

It uses the NDK to make a native liblinphone.so to handle the SIP side of 
things. Unfortunately for us the NDK produces armv5te binaries. Does anyone 
know how to get it to make armv4t binaries so we could use it?

Re: [Linphone-users] [Release] Linphone on Android
 From: Simon Morlat <simon.morlat at linphone.org>
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Many of you legitimely asked for the source of the linphone-android
Here is the git url:

git clone git://git.linphone.org/linphone-android.git

git clone http://git.linphone.org/git/linphone-android.git 

Of course it is GPL.
This git tree contains a liblinphone.so for ARM EABI built over NDK 1.6.

As the source code is evolving fast, we think git access is probably the
most efficient way to have up to date sources.


Le lundi 22 mars 2010 à 21:07 +0100, Simon Morlat a écrit :
> Hi,
> Since today it is now possible to run linphone on its Android mobile
> phone !
> We've just released a version for Google Android. We have tested it on
> G1 and Nexus 1 with success.
> If you are subscribed to a VoIP to PSTN service, you can then make wifi
> or 3G audio calls (make sure it is permitted by your 3G operator first).
> See the full news:
> http://www.linphone.org/index.php/eng/linphone_on_android
> It's a first release, so bugs are possible... You can use this mailing
> list to report them. An "adb logcat" dump can help in solving it.
> Simon
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