[QTMoko] Getting online

nlis7 at bitte-wenden.de nlis7 at bitte-wenden.de
Fri Mar 26 14:49:57 CET 2010

Hello Brian, Hello Radek,

Thanks for you replies and kind explainations!

There were several issues still persisting and I wasn't even able to ping the 
router nor any outside IP after trying all suggestions and different approaches 
several times.

Finally I came up with this:
Since I also had scripts set up for other distributions that would be 
recognized as eth1 and eth2 I had these interfaces configured as well. Since I 
didn't want to cause confusion about this eth1 was, eth2 was and usb0
Removing the configurations for eth1 and eth2 didn't have much affect. But now 
I've set the IP of usb0 to and everything works flawlessly.
I'm not sure if this should have been obvious, but anyway it works now.


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