Freerunner and Wayland

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Jul 13 18:51:20 CEST 2011

On Wednesday 13 July 2011, Neil Jerram wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Thanks for your answer...
> On 13 July 2011 10:01, Thomas White <taw at> wrote:
> > acceleration pathways.  A lot of the performance difficulties with the
> > X pathway (not just on our hardware) seem to be because the server
> > can't possibly know enough about what the client wants to accelerate it
> > effectively. Fast and smooth graphics on the Freerunner should be
> > perfectly possible, but would rely on exactly this kind of
> > "clairvoyance" from the X server.
> > 
> > So, getting Wayland to run on its own shouldn't be too difficult
> > (famous last words..), but writing programs which can actually make use
> > of it is significantly more difficult.
> I have read that some toolkits, like Gtk+ and Cairo, have (or are in
> the process of having) support for Wayland as their backend directly
> (i.e. not via X).  Also that it's possible to write clients using a GL
> API directly, and that the library providing that API would use
> Wayland directly.

Add Qt to that list. Meego may be using it, and kwin is being ported as the 
first stage in letting kde run on Wayland. Both of these may be a little heavy 
for the Glamo's GL capabilitites, but it shows writing applications for 
Wayland is getting much easier.

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