Some newbee questions about Qtmoko, navit, Vodafone GPRS and battery capacity

Sebastian Reinhardt snr at
Sun Jul 17 21:42:10 CEST 2011

Hi, a few weeks ago I purchased an Freerunner. I decided to install 
Qtmoko v3.5 on an 8GB sd-card. Most things working like a charm. But I 
have some problems:
1. I installed navit form the zip- file, according to the wiki. But I do 
not get the gps position, in NeronGPS I get the fix. I installed also 
gpsd via "apt-get" and by starting " /usr/sbin/gpsd -F 
/var/run/gpsd.sock -P /var/run/ /dev/ttySAC1" I get NMEA output 
with gpsmon. The navit.xml- file includes also the line "<vehicle 
name="Local GPS" profilename="car" enabled="yes" active="1" 
source="gpsd://localhost" gpsd_query="w+xj"> ". So there is the problem?

2. I tried to use Vodafone GPRS (Germany). But this did not work! I get 
a failure notice, that file "/etc/ppp/peers/dialup1310463241" was not 
found. I found an example file in "/usr/share/doc/ppp/examples" called 
"peers-gprs". But I am not sure about the config entries in this file 
and if I need another files.....So has anybody an working Vodafone 
configuration for Germany and can tell me someting about the correct 
entries in these files? I made the config with the Qtmoko GUI, but these 
file(s) are missing.... :-(

3. If I switch off all radio, exccept the gsm, the battery is unloaded 
during night (8-9h). Is this OK or is the battery broken (due to long 
storage time at Handheld Linux)?

Ok, these are the first questions about my new Freerunner. The additonal 
questions about using my VirtualLaser Keyboard (Bluetooth connection, 
working with my openSUSE 11.3 Notebook) and the use of an external, USB 
connected LAN- adapter are asked later..... :-)

Kind regaards

Sebastian Reinhardt

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