Some newbee questions about Qtmoko, navit, Vodafone GPRS and battery capacity

Radek Polak psonek2 at
Mon Jul 18 10:04:51 CEST 2011

Sebastian Reinhardt wrote:

> 2. I tried to use Vodafone GPRS (Germany). But this did not work! I get
> a failure notice, that file "/etc/ppp/peers/dialup1310463241" was not
> found. I found an example file in "/usr/share/doc/ppp/examples" called
> "peers-gprs". But I am not sure about the config entries in this file
> and if I need another files.....So has anybody an working Vodafone
> configuration for Germany and can tell me someting about the correct
> entries in these files? I made the config with the Qtmoko GUI, but these
> file(s) are missing.... :-(

It should be possible to configure GPRS with the GUI. You need to fill APN and 
sometimes also dummy username and password.

> 3. If I switch off all radio, exccept the gsm, the battery is unloaded
> during night (8-9h). Is this OK or is the battery broken (due to long
> storage time at Handheld Linux)?

You need to suspend the phone. This can be done with POWER button or better 
lock the sceen in QtMoko home screen.



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