Some newbee questions about Qtmoko, navit, Vodafone GPRS and battery capacity

Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at
Mon Jul 25 14:42:14 CEST 2011

> The content of "/etc/ppp/peers/dialup1310986139" is:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> 115200
> lcp-echo-failure 0
> lcp-echo-interval 0
> novj
> nobsdcomp
> novjccomp
> nopcomp
> noaccomp
I think most of operator uses at least one of compression methods to
save bandwidth. Turning off these options is unwise.

> defaultroute
This command tells pppd to add your vodafone PPP connection as default

> connect-delay 7
> remotename dialup1310986139
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Now I am able to dial in to the Vodafone network. I set GPRS-
> connection to default gateway
This should be done earlier by pppd, thus not necessary.

> , but I can not get any webpage in Aurora or any other  data (ex.
> "pings" on console). If I type in "ifdown usb0" (not connected to PC!
> ), then I can surf in web!?! Is this ok?
No. Set up routing correctly. PPP scripts allow to start commands on
creating and destroying PPP connection.

>  Is there an better easier solution? The route- command shows two
> default gateways (I think this is the problem)
you are correct. There should be only one default GW.

>  and any ping s were done by using usb0- device...strange. If I switch
> of the usb0- device, the route entry of usb0 is automatically deleted
Are you sure. Few lines above you have mentioned, that you have two
GW... anyway, I would avoid setting up routing to your PC host via usb0
interface as a default route. Use static route instead.

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