[Om2008.9] screen locking application?

Lukas Märdian lukasmaerdian at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 29 09:50:29 CEST 2011

Hey Matthias!

You can try SHR-today, which is the predecessor of idle_screen (SHR's
default screen lock).

It's just a little python app running in the background - so it's easy
to try. I don't know how and if it will run with such an old system, but
it's worth a try.

You can find it in my git-repo at github:


On 29.07.2011 07:38, Hrabosh wrote:
> Matthias Apitz píše v Čt 28. 07. 2011 v 21:57 +0200:
>> El día Thursday, July 28, 2011 a las 12:33:33PM -0700, Alishams Hassam escribió:
>>> 2008.9 is *very* dated. Try qtmoko or SHR- both offer a lock, but by
>>> default it's a simple slider- I've never had that accidentally fail. I
>> I know that 2008.9 is *very* dated. But it just works for me for
>> years now and fits what I need. As well the FR is my only cellphone
>> and I use it daily, I depend on it somehow and can't experiment
>> with updating to something I don't know. Maybe I should buy a
>> second FR for this... (offers are welcome :-) )
> Just a note:
> If you run your system from internal memory, you can make image of it
> via USB, do update and if it won't work just copy your previous image
> back to the phone.
> If you run the system from uSD, just buy another card :-)
>>> recall a program for SHR that did the lock a different way, tracing a Z or
>>> something.... I don't know if it's still available.
>> Thanks for the pointers anyway
>> 	matthias
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