Faenqomod new title.xml file

adrien adrien at adorsaz.ch
Sun Jul 1 18:49:49 CEST 2012

Hi community,

I'm pleased to show my hacks on the faenqomod to have new wifi and gps 
buttons in the title bar (taken from finxi theme) and to be able to 
always show/mask keyboard.

I've also removed the clock in the title, because I don't need to 
always see the hour and, if I want, I just need to push AUX button to 
see the time in the home screen.

One more change : the keyboard button has now a smaller width but a 
larger height. I think that's better for fingers, but I've only tried 
with mine :) So feedback is appreciated.

You can see two screenshots here :


The new title.xml file is here :

Finally, you'll need to copy gps-on.pic, gps-fix.pic and 
wifi-enabled.pic from /opt/qtmoko/pics/themes/finxi to 

I'm very happy to be able to hack QtMoko so easily with xml and svg 
files (for themes and keyboard), really thanks QtMoko/QtExtended/Qtopia 
developpers ;)

Adrien Dorsaz

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