transcoding video for freerunner 240x320 mode

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Mon Jul 2 19:39:51 CEST 2012

Ed Kapitein <ed at> writes:
> Thanks, i did read that mail, but looking at the command line, the
> stream is dumped on stdout right?

Yes. I typically do

mplayer-wrapper <(ssh server encode-to-theora

where mplayer-wrapper is

function cleanup() {
    if [ "$KILLER_PID" != "" ]; then
        kill -SIGKILL $KILLER_PID
    sudo om screen glamo-bus-timings 4-4-4
    sudo fbset 480x640
    sudo om screen resolution normal
    sudo chvt 7
    exit 0
trap cleanup 1 2 3 15
sudo chvt 2
# disable blanking
sudo sh -c "printf '\033[9;0]' > /dev/tty2"
# disable cursor blinking
sudo sh -c "printf '\033[?17;0;127c' > /dev/tty2"
# hide cursor
sudo sh -c "printf '\033[?25l' > /dev/tty2"
sudo om screen resolution qvga-normal
sudo fbset 240x320
sudo om screen glamo-bus-timings 2-4-2
sudo renice -2 -p $$ 2> /dev/null
(dd if=/dev/input/power_button of=/dev/null bs=16 count=1 2> /dev/null; killall mplayer) &
mplayer -framedrop -ac -ffvorbis, -ao alsa -vc -fftheora, -vo fbdev -nocorrect-pts "$@"

You need theora 1.2.0 alpha release for decent performance.

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