New Phoronix article on Gta04

urodelo urodelomutante at
Thu Jul 5 21:19:04 CEST 2012


It doesn't cost you a kidney like others do!
You can hold it the left or the right hand without losing the connection
Never heard about its battery exploding
Don't need to spend you r life & money into a patent war

> :[] urodelo

On Wed, 04 Jul 2012 05:06:30 +0200, Alishams Hassam  
<alishams.hassam at> wrote:

> If you
> missed it. Sadly he doesn't make much constructive criticism; he
> bashes the specs but it's not as if much can be done about that now.
> He does mention some good things such as where it is manufactured,
> being able to run debian/shr/qtmoko... and in his defense, I can't
> think of too many more good points.
> Maybe we can put up a 'feature list' of good points that reporters
> like him can use when writing articles on the GTA04. Please add them
> to  
> or reply to this thread and I will add them to the page at the end of
> the week. To get the ball rolling I have:
> * Run qtmoko, SHR, Debian fully supported
> * Made in Germany under proper working conditions.


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