About the future of the freesmartphone.org middleware

Simon Busch morphis at gravedo.de
Sun Jul 22 12:01:12 CEST 2012

Am 22.07.2012 03:39, schrieb Pierre Pronchery:
> 		Hi Simon, lists,
> On 21/07/2012 20:45, Simon Busch wrote:
>> as a lot of you may have noticed we did two releases in the past months
>> of the FSO stack. Both were related to bring stability and consistence
>> to the stack. Now I want to talk with you about the future of the stack. [...]
> Good to hear, thanks for the heads up.
>> For fsogsmd there are the following things on my list:
>> [...]
>> 5. Multi device support: While working in HFP HF support in fsogsmd I
>> discovered that things would be easier if we can control more than one
>> modem with the same daemon at the same time. Think about phone with
>> support for more than one SIM card. Work has already started for this in
>> the morphis/multi-device branch of the cornucopia repository.
> I fully agree to this, and I have started work to support this in
> DeforaOS Phone. More specifically, my goal is to be able to support (and
> integrate) an AT-based modem together with VoIP account(s), Instant
> Messaging and so on. To help me with this task I am using libpurple
> (from Pidgin) and sofia-sip (for SIP, obviously).

Ok, we're talking here about two different things. My effort for multi 
device support in fsogsmd is a a step before what you describe. It's not 
about using VoIP and a AT based modem together. Think about situations 
where you have more than one modem (and really a modem) to control like 
in a phone with more than one SIM card or on a laptop where you have a 
phone connected via HFP HF and a UMTS stick for your data connection.

Controlling VoIP and a modem together with the same API is definitely 
nothing we should do in fsogsmd itself but in telepathy or a fsophoned.


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