sandwich case idea

Al Johnson openmoko at
Fri Jul 27 18:46:36 CEST 2012

On Friday 27 July 2012 14:58:11 Alfa21-mobile wrote:
> hello,
> what do you think about a multi layer case like this one, but made for GTA*
> ?

I suggested that method some time ago. I started started modelling it but ran 
out of cad skill. Perhaps I should have started with cardboard and a knife 

Points to consider:
Acrylic gives beautiful edges but is fairly brittle. Other plastics may be 
mechanically better but won't cut so cleanly. Plywood might work well..
Thickness tolerance in sheet plastics is quite large, so design with it in 
mind. Cut tolerance is good enough to engineer press fits between cut 
Buttons need some thought, and probably some experiment. 

It would be easier to house a board designed with this sort of housing in mind 
than to retrofit to boards built for an injection moulded case.

> look the low price!
> I think something like this could also be made by a reprap or any 3D printer
> ...or laser cut service:

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