Help needed with GSM Geolocation without GPS

Daniele Forsi dforsi at
Tue Nov 6 00:16:54 CET 2012

2012/11/5 robin :

> The numbers for the location
> that the Mokofaen theme displays somehow do not match any of the cell towers
> my phone is most likely to be connected to:
> Most likely I am connected to
> mcc 262; mnc 3; lac 40096 and cellid 137380532 [2]
> which has nowhere the numbers I get on my home screen:
> 296/25326
> So where am I going wrong.

I see the same LAC and Cell ID numbers with mokofaen and with SHR, are
you able to check with SHR?
if you can put the SIM in a phone or in a Smart Card reader supported
by gnokii you can see those numbers with gnokii --getnetworkstatus
gnokii should work also on the Freerunner if it can access the modem
port, I tested it a long time ago but now it doens't work

> The next question would be: Is there a simple way to get the other surrounding
> cells and their signal strength

what language are you using for your program?
I used python with the GetNeighbourCellInformation method with fso:

Daniele Forsi

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