Help needed with GSM Geolocation without GPS

Neil Jerram neil at
Tue Nov 6 08:19:45 CET 2012

robin <spielraum at> writes:

> Hi,
> I wanted to give the GSM location a try. So what I would like to acchieve in 
> the end is:
> 0. GPS off
> 1. GSM Cells are detected 
> 2. Triangulation takes place (I don't know yet if eg signal strength is used)
> 3. Look-up in the OpenCellID offline (!) text database
> 4. Position being shown in NeronGPS as in eg in the Whereabouts-Mappingdemo
>   shown on the QtMokoDev Page [1]

Sounds good.  I wonder what the trade-off is between implementing
something like this from scratch for GTA04, and trying to integrate an
existing partial solution such as GeoClue?

> So I started with step 1 and I am a bit stuck. The numbers for the location
> that the Mokofaen theme displays somehow do not match any of the cell towers
> my phone is most likely to be connected to:
> Most likely I am connected to 
> mcc 262; mnc 3; lac 40096 and cellid 137380532 [2]

How do you get those numbers?  They look like UMTS ones (which are
bigger than GSM).

> which has nowhere the numbers I get on my home screen:
> 296/25326

Those numbers look like GSM.  Are you actually connected by GSM or by

(Some background on the GSM/UMTS difference is here:


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