Help needed with GSM Geolocation without GPS

Neil Jerram neil at
Tue Nov 6 20:27:05 CET 2012

robin <spielraum at> writes:

> I guess one could split the whole thing in three parts so it would be adaptable
> to both qtmoko and shr. I can only program in python and may add a sqlite data
> base. having read a bit more about triangulation, the task will be much more
> difficult than I though, but one will see. the three parts of the program could
> be somewhat like:
> 1) get cell id and neighbour cell ids
>    SHR) via FSO
> QtMoko) ?

You should be able to get the "<LAC>/<CELLID>" string - i.e. the same as
displayed on the QtMoko home page - using code like this:

    QValueSpaceItem *lac_cell_id = new QValueSpaceItem("/Telephony/Status/CellLocation");
    qLog() << "<LAC>/<CELLID> is " << lac_cell_id->value().toString();


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