Help needed with GSM Geolocation without GPS

robin spielraum at
Wed Nov 7 07:28:41 CET 2012

does anyone know if the agps-onlinec works on SHR?

because then one could already make use of the location of the main cell
nearby to get the right coordinates for the assisted-gps query (one then
needs gprs/wlan though and an account with u-blox).


echo 1 >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/neo1973-pm-gps/neo1973-pm-gps.0/pwron

./agps-onlinec -c full -u youraccount -k yourpasswd -la 25.073270 -lo
121.574805 -p 999999.00

cat /dev/ttySAC1

is this program also working on qtmoko somehow? I remember that radek 
managed to store gps-data and then send it back to the modem when 

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