Ten general QtMoko and Debian questions

Harry Prevor habstinat at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 21:42:01 CET 2012

I just aquired a Freerunner, and after checking out the list of
distributions on the wiki I've narrowed it down to Debian and QtMoko.
I'm leaning toward QtMoko but I'm unsure about a few things:

1. What are the advantages to using QTMoko over Debian on a Freerunner?
2. I like that it is built for touch by default in QtMoko but would
also like to fall back to a desktop-like environment when needed (i.e.
something like Openbox that isn't optimized for touch); this is
possible, no?
3. Does QTMoko offer all the software in the Debian repositories?
4. Can I install a different window manager than the default one if wanted?
5. Are there any glaring software limitations regarding the Freerunner
that QtMoko has that Debian doesn't?
6. They both use the same kernel, right?
7. From what I've seen it seems like QtMoko is being more actively
developed than Debian on the Freerunner currently; is this true?
8. If I prefer the debian-unstable packages can I use that repository on QtMoko?
9. If I were to upgrade to a GTA04 at some point, would the transition
be any easier on one distribution than the other?
10. Is either distribution more thouroughly tested with the GTA04 than
the other?

Thanks ahead of time for the answers.

Harry Prevor

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