[OT] FCC Aproval - Restrictions by country

Cristian Gómez cristianpark at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 20:57:39 CET 2012

Hi guys

I'm a proud Neo FreeRunner owner concerned by a law that's been
implementing in my country (Colombia on South America)

The law proposes that you can only use a cellphone in the country if it's
homologated by a local government statement, this means that one (a carrier
commonly) must pay a lot in order to get one cellphone model homologated,
it doesn't matter if the cellphone fits international organizations (like
FCC) requisites and it's approved by them.

Long story short, future OpenMoko releases (if any) or other geek
cellphones FCC approved (like the one MIUI's guys are producing) won't be
usable in Colombia if the manufacturer or one carrier doesn't homologate it
locally. I found this very restrictive for people like us that wants to get
beyond carrier's offers and get other cellphones, mostly unavailable in our
countries if not buyed online and imported.

I want your support answering this questions:
*For everyone:*
1. Do you know how it's the process to use any cellphone you want to use
even if it's not supported by any carrier? Is there any homologation
process like in Colombia or just with FCC certificate you're good?
Please answer this with your country and what you know about the process

*For OpenMoko Inc guys out there:*
1. Did you have to pay much to get FCC certification?
2. Did you have to pay other countries homologation prices in order to
access order markets?

I'm not english speaker but I hope you get the point in the email and why
I'm worried about

Thanks in advance

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