Kernel panic on Freerunner QtMoko boot

Harry Prevor habstinat at
Wed Nov 21 04:17:19 CET 2012

Oddly enough, I am still getting this same UBIFS kernel panic even
when I successfully flash a JFFS2 image I made of QtMoko onto the
Freerunner. I made the image by unzipping the .tar.gz rootfs from
SourceForge into a folder and then running "mkfs.jffs2 -r
qtmoko-rootfs/ -p -e 0x20000 -o qtmoko-debian-gta02-v48.jffs2" on the
folder. I then ran "dfu-util -a rootfs -R -D
qtmoko-debian-gta02-v48.jffs2" and it seemed to have flashed
successfully, but I still get that darn error on every boot. I've also
tried unzipping the .tar.gz into my ext3 uSD card, but it didn't seem
to do anything either. Is there any reason that this should be
happening? Are there any officially released non-UBIFS rootfses that I
can use for the Freerunner? What specifically would y'alls reccommend
to debug / fix this?

Harry Prevor

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