setting up gprs properly

robin spielraum at
Fri Nov 30 07:34:15 CET 2012

I am trying to set up my gprs in both shr and qtmoko. unfortunately I do 
not get a data connection with neither of them.
I am using and according to their website there are either 

Username: blau
Passwort: blau
Authentifizierungstyp: PAP

so I wonder if the authentication might be a problem, as I have not found
a place to set it specifically. 
then they have a specific access if you want to do tethering (I haven't quite
understood how this is different to the first one:

APN/ Zugangspunkt:
Datenträger <- Datadrive: Paketdaten <- Packagedata
IP-Adresse: dynamisch
Benutzername: eplus
Passwort: gprs

but still no success. 

If I set it up with qtmoko I get the little G icon on the homescreen. If I then
click on "start" the icon becomes a filled G for a microsecond, before going
back to the unfilled/unconnected state. Any hints, also how I can investigate 



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