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Radek Polak psonek2 at
Tue Apr 2 08:47:11 CEST 2013

On Friday, March 29, 2013 01:58:17 PM Sebastian Reinhardt wrote:

> So only one dream is left:
> - a GTA04 with Qtmoko, incl. usable camera/ photo app

The photo app in QtMoko is more like demo. I think we could port some nice 
desktop Qt app for photos to qtmoko.

> - "speaking" navit,

Latest navit for qtmoko should be speaking, but i havent tested this yet.

> - working bluetooth headset (NOLAN motorcycle helmet with N-COM this one:
> blog&id=55&Itemid=228&lang=de&brandid=1&lang=en&brandid=1 I can connect but
> can not make calls/ listen music/ navit speech output)

I tried A2DP with my Jabra BT phones and it worked - at least on some older 
version. So music/navit speech could work. I havent even tried to make GSM 
calls working yet...

> - working bluetooth
> Virtual Laser Keyboard (I can connect, but no key press is recognized)
> - for next hardware devel.: integration of DECT => so I can connect to
> our fixed wireless phone station and maybe, LTE?
> .........and some other things.... :-)

It should not be hard to make BT keyboard working. I have one at home for 1 
year now, but didnt get time to play with it yet..


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