[QTmoko] Qx problems

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Thu Apr 18 23:21:21 CEST 2013

Rainer Glaschick <raigl at g-pb.de> writes:

> Tried to use Qx, installed xglamo, and got only trouble:
> Lauching xterm gives "press AUX to leave" in the middle,
> takes some time, then a terminal in the middle.
> But no keyboard to enter anything.
> The done button still visible, but does not work.
> Only way to get rid of it is using AUX twice and stop instead of resume.
> Anybody out who has a useful application for Qx?
> xclock works, but overlaps with the top status line.
> Trying a python script (xgps) just shows the boot console output
> for a while, then a message tells that Qx terminated due to application error.
> Starting Qx from the command line then give the reason for fail.
> Seems to me that Qx is nothing for normal use,
> only for debug, and thus should be removed from
> the normal applist and go either to the system debug menu,
> or should be, even better, started from the command line only
> to see the error messages that are likely to occur.

I would really like QX to work well, because I think it would cool to be
able to seamlessly run X and Gtk applications as well as Qt.  At the
moment, however, my observations (in my case on GTA04) are broadly
similar to yours, i.e. it doesn't really work.

I'm planning to work a bit on this, but time for it is limited so please
don't hold your breath.

In terms of overall structure, I'd prefer if a QX-requiring application
could be launched normally from the app (or games) menu - instead of
specially via the QX application - and also that the business of
any required installation or configuration was separated out from simply
running a particular application.  Does anyone have thoughts on that?


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