QtMoko v58 with 2.6.39 kernel and improved power management

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Thu Dec 12 10:09:19 CET 2013

QtMoko v58 for Freerunner is now out! You can download here [1] and visit our 
homepage [2] for more info.

Here is list of changes since last Freerunner release:

  * gta02 kernel upgrade to 2.6.39
  * hack to stop vibrating after resume
  * show end call button after 2s to avoid unwanted press
  * improved colors in qmplayer encoding
  * better name of encoded movie in qmplayer
  * using emdebian for some packages
  * using glamo-mplayer as package
  * suspend in locked screen is now after 3s
  * accelerometers are now in module and disabled by default (see below)

99% of the credit for this release goes to Paul Ferster. He managed to find 
the suspend/resume problem and finally after years we have stable kernel. Many 

As a side effect while playing with the new kernel i have discovered power 
management bug in lis302dl (accelerometer) driver. The module seems to eat 
~6mA in suspend. So by default the module is now not loaded and accelerometers 
are not working. On the other side, the current in suspend is now between 
4..6mA which gives ~200 hours in standby! If you want to use accels you do:

echo lis302dl >> /etc/modules
echo joydev >> /etc/modules

As for the other changes. I plan to start using Freerunner as my daily phone 
now so i had to fix one old problem. When i answered phone call i often 
accidentaly pressed the "Accept call" button twice. After first press the 
button changed to "End call" and the second press ended the call immediately. 
This is now fix and there is 2s interval where second press is ignored.

Another problem noticed was that sometimes the phone would start vibrating 
after resume. So there is now hack that stops vibrations after each resume.

Another nice thing is that i am now using emdebian and i have rebuild a few 
packages with useless python dependencies. The result is that tarbal size went 
from 161MB -> 88MB and ubifs 146MB -> 102MB.

So if you are still using Freerunner i hope it can work for you nicely.



Btw - anyone has working GPS on Freerunner? I cant get fix and it seems it's 
not SW problem. It would be nice to have it working again...

[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/GTA02/
[2] http://qtmoko.sourceforge.net/
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