Larger capacity battery

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Fri Dec 20 16:39:15 CET 2013

On Fri 20 December 2013 16:08:07 Dominic Walden wrote:
> Hello,
> I was thinking about purchasing another battery from Golden Delicious
> (as a spare/backup) but before I do does anyone know of any higher
> capacity batteries that are compatible with a Freerunner?
> The only ones mentioned on the wiki are 1100mAh or less.
> Someone[1] appears to have got it working with a 6Ah portable DVD
> player battery by using the battery circuit board from the Openmoko
> battery. I'm not sure if I want anything as drastic as that, but I
> would not be averse to doing the same with a battery the same size as
> the Openmoko one.
> Thanks,
> Dominic

BL-6C: 1150mAh. And that's probably as good as it gets for cells fitting into 
GTA02 battery bay. Unlike NiMH the LiIon technology hasn't made noticeable 
evolution during last few years. When searching you may find a 2nd source 
battery that has a *real* capacity of maybe 20% higher. You will need to 
discard 95% scam before you find that one manufacturer.
Maybe useful background can be found in:

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