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On 2013-12-23 09:26, Ben Wong wrote:
> I'm sure it could; your FreeRunner is a complete computer.
> The question is if you have the time (or money to hire someone) to
> write the glue script that will put all the pieces together. Let's
> see, the parts you'll need are:
> 1. Check your mail account (fetchmail or python's imaplib)
> 2. Do a regex check to see if it's "important" 
> (egrep/python/perl/awk/...)

I can do those bits.

> 3. Convert it to SMS format
>     3a. MIME extract (munpack or python's email package)
>     3b. Optionally remove HTML markup (lynx -dump or Beautiful Soup's
> get_text() function)

and probably those bits - actually now that I think about it - there 
would always just be a little bit of text (the messages would always be 
coming from a phone message service) with an appended WAV file so it 
would have to be MMS rather that SMS . .

> 4. Send it as an SMS messages (dbus to FSO works but may not be "best
> practices")

This is the bit I know nothing about . .



> —B
> On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 2:58 AM, Philip Rhoades <phil at> 
> wrote:
>> People,
>> I have not used my FreeRunner for ages and probably should donate it 
>> someone
>> who can make use of it but a thought occurred to me:  It would be good 
>> to
>> have something that could act like a SMS server eg I have a demand 
>> where if
>> an (urgent) email comes into a particular account, that the contents 
>> of the
>> email are able to be resent as an SMS out through a mobile device 
>> gateway to
>> a number of phones - could OpenMoko be rejigged to do this somehow?
>> Regards,
>> Phil.
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