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Tue Dec 24 14:20:09 CET 2013

El día Friday, December 20, 2013 a las 04:39:15PM +0100, joerg Reisenweber escribió:

> BL-6C: 1150mAh. And that's probably as good as it gets for cells fitting into 
> GTA02 battery bay. Unlike NiMH the LiIon technology hasn't made noticeable 
> evolution during last few years. When searching you may find a 2nd source 
> battery that has a *real* capacity of maybe 20% higher. You will need to 
> discard 95% scam before you find that one manufacturer.
> Maybe useful background can be found in: 
> cheers


A bit animated by the above mentioned thread in
I have bought the following battery in Amazon for 13 Euro:

Akkutyp: Li-Ion
Spannung: 3,7 Volt
Kapazität: 1500mAh / 5,6Wh
Abmessungen: 59,8 x 38 x 5,7 mm
Sonstiges: NEU, 100% kompatibel mit Originalakku (kein Original)
mit Schutz gegen Überladung / Überhitzung / Kurzschluß
Hersteller: PolarCell

It does not fit into the battery bay of our GTA02. I could have seen
this from the size 59,8 x 38 because our battery is only 52.8 x 33.7




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