QtMoko on my GTA02 - first impressions and questions

Nick openmoko-community at njw.me.uk
Mon Jul 1 11:23:36 CEST 2013

Hi there,

Yesterday I dug out my GTA02 from the shoebox it had been living in 
for the past year and a half and put QtMoko on it for the first time 
(it had always had SHR on it before that, but it proved too 
unreliable as a phone).

My first impressions are that it is beautiful and seems to work much 
much better than SHR. I am very pleased to find that :)

One major issue I had is that I put it to sleep by pressing the 
power button, then about 30 minutes later decided to call it using a 
different phone (to see what the ringtone was like, and how long it 
would take to wake up), and was sad to find that it did not wake up 
at all, even after pressing the power button. I had to pull the 
battery out and start it again. Is this a known bug? Should I report 
it? Is there somewhere I might be able to pull logs, or any other 
thing I can do to help track down the issue?

The other problem I have found so far is that it won't connect to 
the WPA-PSK-TKIP in my house for some reason. And when it was set to 
automatically reconnect the whole phone slowed to a crawl until I 
disabled that, I suppose as it continuously tried and failed to 
connect. Any suggestions on things to try to get the wifi to 
connect? And should I report the slowdown if it is set to 
autoreconnect on the issue tracker?

Many thanks, I'm excited to find QtMoko is so usable, I hope to use 
it as my daily phone now, though it can't be quietly turning off / 
crashing too often ;)


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