QtMoko on my GTA02 - first impressions and questions

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Jul 1 16:42:23 CEST 2013

On Monday, July 01, 2013 11:23:36 AM Nick wrote:

> Hi there,
> Yesterday I dug out my GTA02 from the shoebox it had been living in
> for the past year and a half and put QtMoko on it for the first time
> (it had always had SHR on it before that, but it proved too
> unreliable as a phone).
> My first impressions are that it is beautiful and seems to work much
> much better than SHR. I am very pleased to find that :)
> One major issue I had is that I put it to sleep by pressing the
> power button, then about 30 minutes later decided to call it using a
> different phone (to see what the ringtone was like, and how long it
> would take to wake up), and was sad to find that it did not wake up
> at all, even after pressing the power button. I had to pull the
> battery out and start it again. Is this a known bug? Should I report
> it? Is there somewhere I might be able to pull logs, or any other
> thing I can do to help track down the issue?

nice to hear that you like it. I am also wondering what to do with kernel 
bugs. I dont have kernel skills to fix them and not many other people have 
them too it seems. Only thing i could do is to use old 2.6.29 openmoko kernel 
which was really stable IIRC.

> The other problem I have found so far is that it won't connect to
> the WPA-PSK-TKIP in my house for some reason. And when it was set to
> automatically reconnect the whole phone slowed to a crawl until I
> disabled that, I suppose as it continuously tried and failed to
> connect. Any suggestions on things to try to get the wifi to
> connect? And should I report the slowdown if it is set to
> autoreconnect on the issue tracker?

There are issues with wpa_supplicant on GTA02 in debian wheezy. You can check 


and search wpa_supplicant for details. Maybe it's your case.


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