QtMoko on my GTA02 - first impressions and questions

Nick openmoko-community at njw.me.uk
Wed Jul 3 13:34:34 CEST 2013

Quoth Radek Polak:
> nice to hear that you like it. I am also wondering what to do with 
> kernel bugs. I dont have kernel skills to fix them and not many 
> other people have them too it seems. Only thing i could do is to 
> use old 2.6.29 openmoko kernel which was really stable IIRC.

The problem hasn't recurred, so it doesn't seem to be particularly 
> > The other problem I have found so far is that it won't connect to
> > the WPA-PSK-TKIP in my house for some reason. And when it was set to
> > automatically reconnect the whole phone slowed to a crawl until I
> > disabled that, I suppose as it continuously tried and failed to
> > connect. Any suggestions on things to try to get the wifi to
> > connect? And should I report the slowdown if it is set to
> > autoreconnect on the issue tracker?
> There are issues with wpa_supplicant on GTA02 in debian wheezy. You can check 
> https://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/blob/master/doc/txt/debian_rootfs_howto.txt
> and search wpa_supplicant for details. Maybe it's your case.

After a reboot or two it now connects reliably. I have no 
explanation ;)

One other question, is there a way to back up contacts from my SIM 
card? Is there an application around that can do that, or a command?

I've noticed once the contacts program showed no contacts, and the 
SMS program also couldn't find the contact names. Another time the 
SMS program couldn't find any SMS. In both cases after a restart 
everything was fine, but it did make me anxious to back up my 
contacts (I don't have a backup anywhere, currently).


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